The shredding machine BPR624 / PreciCut 624 for fibers, films, bales of all kinds.


Dosable output and unique granule size determination

The basis for this outstanding and leading shredding technology is the meterable discharge volume with unique granule size determination, unique minimal fine and overgrowing proportions, unprecedented cutting geometry, sensitive pressure and load control, self-cooling multicell shaft, post-cutting, screen basket geometry and many other details.


Universal application

The single-shaft shredders of the BPR624 / PreciCut 624 series have been on the market for more than 20 years and have proven themselves in the most difficult applications.


Using the same machine, fibres, blocks, foils, bales and rolls can be crushed to defined granulates of 6 - 80mm. 


Fault-free continuous operation

The PreciCut single-shaft machine with the drawer unit for the controlled, load-dependent loading of the crushing shaft with material. The interplay of the tour number of the knife shaft, the contact pressure of the drawer and the speed of movement of the drawer results in maximum operating reliability and a trouble-free continuous operation.


Cutting width 1.37 meters
The PreciCut 624 with a cutting width of 1347mm and a cutter diameter of 540mm and a drawer stroke of 1.6 meters is the smallest machine in the PreciCut range.

The cutting body is suitable for accommodating various cutting tools. These cutting tools can be completely replaced within a few minutes. The tools/wear parts are offered in tool steel, carbide and ceramics.

The advantages

  • In one step from bales, rolls, blocks, fibres, hollow bodies to the desired final granulate.
  • Defined granulate sizes from 6 to 80mm
  • Fault-free continuous operation thanks to drawer technology
  • Load-dependent input of the material to the cutting shaft
  • Smallest wear and tear
  • Modular design allows adaptation to customer-specific requirements.