For the rational briquetting of materials such as wood chips, sawdust, wood chips, paper, textiles, cell and plastics, filter dusts and sewage sludge.


With the briquetting press Elan B60 and Elan Super 60, throughputs of up to 250 kg/h per press unit can be achieved. The throughput capacity can be expanded modularly with additional press units on the same silo system and flexibly adapted to the throughput requirements. Even during operation, pressing units can be automatically switched on or off depending on the throughput capacity of the upstream units. When several press units are used on the "Hydrosilo" silo system, the failures in the event of service and maintenance on the press units are completely switched off, these can take place with ongoing operation of the remaining press units.


The Elan 60 briquetting presses are suitable for small-scale operation at 80kg/h as well as for large-scale operation at more than 3 to/h throughput per hour. Since both the silo system and the press units are modular, the variations are infinite.