BP Recyclingsystems- Technik  (formerly Holzmag) consisting of 1- and 2 shaft shredder / crusher, briquetting, pelletising, drying and silos from stocks, - from the location, - or as overhauled, revised and warranted opportunities with service and spare parts guarantee are available on the most favourable terms - it is worthwhile to give us a call!





The Hydropress is a fully automatic pressing unit with the supply and input silo, the input screw, the press unit, the briquette transport cylinder, the hydraulic unit and the control unit mounted on the transport frame.


The briquetting press

Drive power:

Briquette diameter:

Briquette length:


Hydropress 80 | 100

22 KW | 37 KW

80mm | 100mm

220-300 mm

400 - 750 Kg/h