BP Recyclingsystems- Technik  (formerly Holzmag) consisting of 1- and 2 shaft shredder / crusher, briquetting, pelletising, drying and silos from stocks, - from the location, - or as overhauled, revised and warranted opportunities with service and spare parts guarantee are available on the most favourable terms - it is worthwhile to give us a call!


A support roll in the die ensures pressure compensation of the leverage force. This design would be suitable for conversion of existing ring die presses with multiple rollers to the monoroll system. The material feed is realized by gravity via a sliding mechanism between roller/die or a screw conveyor.

In this design, roller and die are fitted on separate machine supports.The material feed is realized by means of forced dosing using a screw conveyor.A roller clearance control mechanism enables pellet quality adjustment during operation.Different tool speed settings enable granulation/homogenization and material preparation for pelleting.The system can also be cooled.

Material feed is realized in steps for each individual die.Thanks to the centrifugal mass, considerable energy savings can be realized in comparison to conventional start-up energy costs.The roller wheels are fitted on a separable shaft for synchronous, asynchronous or friction locking drive.The automatic roller clearance control mechanism enables pellet quality adjustment during operation.In the same machine, different pellets can be produced and discharged.For tool change, the machine is separated in the centre. A roller cooling system is integrated.The performance of the machine is multiplied with the number of installed dies.An invention with governmental support of the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland (FHNW).