The die and roller are supported in separate machine units and driven. These can be driven individually, together, synchronous or asynchronous. Separate roller frame/drive machine units and die frame.

Up to 4 die units can be connected via the drive.


Automatic roller clearance settings enable shifting of the agglomeration of press channels in the roller areas leading to considerable tool saving.


This enables combined granulation/pelleting.

With an optional continuous roller shaft, multiple rollers and dies can be applied simultaneously in the same machine. The dies are loosely guided, stored and driven on a machine panel. The roller shaft can be adjusted in height, sideways and crossways. Of only one roller is fitted, it can be set to multiple horizontally aligned dies to produce different pellets without changing the tool.

In case of multiple dies and rollers, the performance of several machines can be realized and different pellets produced and discharged.

There are almost no limits in terms of granulation and pelleting options in one machine.