BP Recyclingsystems- Technik  (formerly Holzmag) consisting of 1- and 2 shaft shredder / crusher, briquetting, pelletising, drying and silos from stocks, - from the location, - or as overhauled, revised and warranted opportunities with service and spare parts guarantee are available on the most favourable terms - it is worthwhile to give us a call!


The Multicut, the latest development from BP Recyclingsystems- Techniks GmbH, is characterised by a modular kit system for drive and input and variable application possibilities of different knife shapes and knife sizes.

Dosable output quantities and unique granule size determination

In the single-shaft crushing machines, the discharge quantity can be targeted, by means of the load-dependent supply and the rotor speed, as well as a unique and not previously achieved granule size determination.

The machine design


The crushing machine from BP Recyclingsystems- Techniks GmbH is the product of a continuous development of this technology for 30 years and is up-to-date with regard to the drive, the control and hydraulics as well as the current production possibilities. The crushing machines of the series MultiCut from BP Recyclingsystems- Techniks GmbH are designed for the longevity of several machine generations.


The drive


The drive is optionally provided by means of a frequency-controlled geared motor, a multi-pole motor or a belt double drive, which ensure quiet running of the machine even under heavy loads. The drawer control and the speed of rotation of the cutting rotor are adjusted to each other in a power-controlled manner and ensure trouble-free continuous operation.


The knife shaft


The MultiCut has already gone through a long development phase of more than 30 years. The result is a multifunctional cutting technology which crushes almost all materials with the same cutting technology to the desired granulate size between 5 mm and 60 mm. With this cutting technology both blocks as well as foils and fibres can be crushed.


The cutting tools

Tool holder



The cutting body is suitable for accommodating various cutting tools. These cutting tools can be completely replaced within a few minutes. The tools/wear parts are offered in tool steel, carbide and ceramics.